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Here you will find all possibilities to contribute to the preservation of this largest national monument in the city. Only with your support can we realize the ambitions of the Academiehuis as the bustling covered square of Zwolle.
Your contribution is important and very welcome!

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Your gift

  • With a one-time contribution you support the preservation of the church, the restoration of the building or the restoration of the Schnitger organ. There are also specific goals such as a contribution to the restoration of the choir screen, the pulpit or the burial chapel. All contributions are welcome and please indicate what you would like to contribute to. You will receive the newsletter and we look forward to receiving you at Academiehuis.
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Become a friend

  • From € 1 per week, as a Friend you support our ambition to be the beating heart of the city with various activities around art, music and dialogue.
  • We invite you to openings of exhibitions and lectures.
  • We will keep you informed of developments and activities through our digital newsletter.
  • On Michaelmas Day, we invite you to a festive gathering where we will also inform you about our plans.
Become a friend
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Michael's Order

  • The Order of Michael consists of givers who award a one-time sum of at least 5,000 euros and then 1,000 euros annually.
  • If you are a member of the Michael Order, we invite you to our concerts, exhibitions, lectures and meetings.
  • We meet annually with members at a dinner, where we explain our plans.
  • We will keep you informed of developments and activities through our digital newsletter.
  • Members of the Order of Michael are named on the wall in the North Portal.
Enter the Order of Michael
Your donation is deductible! We are a Cultural ANBI. As a result, your gift may be deductible up to 125 percent.

St. Michael's Guild

Academiehuis for entrepreneurial organizations

The Michaëlsgilde wants to offer entrepreneurial organizations the opportunity to contribute to the new, social function of the Academiehuis and thus keep the monument alive for the city. Zwolle's largest covered square is also there for entrepreneurs. The house has a number of workplaces and possibilities for meetings and gatherings, such as the consistory and the style room. There are also regular inspiring conferences, concerts and exhibitions.


Membership has a base of € 1250,- per year. Extended membership means an annual contribution of at least € 2500,-, then once a year free use can be made of consistory or style room, with all facilities. Academiehuis Grote Kerk Zwolle has an ANBI status for the cultural sector. All members of the Michael's Guild receive an invitation to a network meeting, linked to an activity of the Academiehuis or the Zwolle Society Department. 

More about the Michael's Guild

Doing more?

Large gift or legacy

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a gift for the preservation of this monument? For example through the destination of a legacy? We will gladly think with you about the possibilities and an appropriate destination.